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Welcome to my DIY Wedding & Reception

We are having a simple Justice of the Peace ceremony & later having the Big Reception! We have changed our minds and are now going for a Western style Wedding, but I'm leaving the beach theme wedding posts on here.
All ideas are Welcomed, as I'm kind of a DIY kind of person & can't see pouring tons of money into just one day of our lives, when we have so many years ahead of us (God Willing). We are both Christian. He's Latino & I'm a lil bit of everything, mostly white. We want to cultivate both of our customs into our reception. Please feel free to browse & leave a note of advice! Thanks!

A Walk in my Boots.....

The Big Day

We all want our Wedding Day to be Extra Special, that is just a given, but how do we get there? What are the steps to achieving our Dream Wedding & being able to afford it, without debt.
1st We need to think of where we are willing to Splurge our funds & where we would like to scrimp.
2nd How do we pull this off?
3rd What can we do ourselves, our friends & family do (Do NOT include jealous people!) & our fiancee do? Who do we know that may be in a business that could help us? Networking!!!
4th Where do we start?
I've been researching for about 11 months & I have a good grasp on things. I want to Share what I've learned & want more ideas, too. We can help each other!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas

Making cherry blossom branches:
1)      Pink tissue paper or small pink flowers
2)      Twigs from your yard
3)      Hot glue gun & glue sticks
4)      Scissors
5)      Vase to put branches in.
Cut the tissue paper into flower petal shapes or assemble pink flowers into sections of 2 or 3 blossoms. Use your glue gun to hot glue flowers to twigs (best to use a photo of a real cherry blossom branch).  Arrange a few branches per vase. I suggest having several vases to use as table decorations.

Flower Girl basket:
Dollar Tree carries Cherry Blossom ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the handle, of a wicker basket purchased from a thrift store, and weave the ribbon around the upper edge of the basket. Make a pink or green bow and add artificial (less expensive) small pink flower heads or pink rose petals to the inside of the basket.
Ring Bearer:
Tie a green ribbon to a Cherry Blossom branch. Attach real rings or fake ones securely to the ribbon. No pillow needed.
Bridal bouquet:
Make Cherry Blossom branches and add a few bright colors or some white flowers. Arrange the bouquet in a simple tied bouquet and finish it off with a ribbon of your choice.
Make small Cherry Blossom branches as lapels and add a pin. Very simple but will make people oohh and aahh.  

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