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Welcome to my DIY Wedding & Reception

We are having a simple Justice of the Peace ceremony & later having the Big Reception! We have changed our minds and are now going for a Western style Wedding, but I'm leaving the beach theme wedding posts on here.
All ideas are Welcomed, as I'm kind of a DIY kind of person & can't see pouring tons of money into just one day of our lives, when we have so many years ahead of us (God Willing). We are both Christian. He's Latino & I'm a lil bit of everything, mostly white. We want to cultivate both of our customs into our reception. Please feel free to browse & leave a note of advice! Thanks!

A Walk in my Boots.....

The Big Day

We all want our Wedding Day to be Extra Special, that is just a given, but how do we get there? What are the steps to achieving our Dream Wedding & being able to afford it, without debt.
1st We need to think of where we are willing to Splurge our funds & where we would like to scrimp.
2nd How do we pull this off?
3rd What can we do ourselves, our friends & family do (Do NOT include jealous people!) & our fiancee do? Who do we know that may be in a business that could help us? Networking!!!
4th Where do we start?
I've been researching for about 11 months & I have a good grasp on things. I want to Share what I've learned & want more ideas, too. We can help each other!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Must-Have Photographs

A few tips to help:
Let your photographer know about your family structure, i.e. divorces, deaths and family feuds!!
Keep your list short for photojournalistic style photographers, you're hiring them to document your day as it flows
The extended family shot list is very important, especially if you have a number of shots with relatives other than your immediate family.
For every photo you add to your list, you must add approximately 2 minutes of shooting time.
Bride's Side:
Mother of the Bride
Father of the Bride
Maternal Grandmother
Maternal Grandfather

Groom's Side:
Mother of the Groom
Father of the Groom
Maternal Grandmother
Maternal Grandfather
Bridal Party:

Maid/Matron of Honor
Flower Girl
Best Man
Ring Bearer

Groom Pre-Ceremony:

Closeups and Full Length - Alone
With your mother
With your father
With both your parents
With other family members
With the bestman
With the groomsmen
With ring bearer
Checking your tie and/or finishing up
Getting ready candids
Groom's Details, i.e. boutonniere, tuxes hanging, bottle of cologne, card/gift from bride, etc.

Bride’s Pre-Ceremony:
Closeups and Full Length - Alone
With your mother
With your father
With both your parents
With other family members
With Maid/Matron of Honor
With bridesmaids
With flower girl
Putting on the finishing touches
Adjusting garter
Bride's Details, i.e. the dress, the shows, the bouquets, makeup, jewelery, card/gift from the groom, etc.
Ushers seating guests and mothers
Bride's Arrival
Bride being walked down the aisle
Groom waiting at the altar
Bride being given away
Wedding Party members at the altar
Exchanging rings
Exchanging vows
Lighting unity candles/Sand Ceremony
Exchanging kiss
Signing marriage license
With officiant
Couple leaving.
Posed Shots:
 Bride Alone
Groom Alone
Bride & Groom together - various locations
Bride with attendants
Groom with attendants
Bride with "the guys"
Groom with "the girls"
Bride with each attendant individually
Groom with each attendant individually
Entire Wedding Party
Hands with wedding rings
With children from wedding party
With best man and maid of honor
Talking with guests at reception - receiving line
First dance
Cutting the cake
With special guests
Dancing and candids at the reception
Wedding Cake before cutting
Food or desert tables
Any decorations that you have spent a lot of time and energy putting together.
Candid photos of everyone at the reception
Photo of the invitation with bouquets, toasting glasses and table centerpieces

Maybe some photos of real close friends that were unable to be in the wedding party or relatives that are quite old. This may be a great chance to get some family photos, also, especially if your family is spread out by many miles.
            This list can be edited to fit your needs. Make sure you give a copy of your wishes to your photographer ahead of time, so he can prepare himself/herself. You may want to introduce your photographer to your parents or a close friend, so they may help the photographer get the bests photos to satisfy your desires and needs. This way you will get photos that you are more pleased with.

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